A Superbowl Victory

Most people watched the Superbowl out of shear
entertainment, while taking it quite seriously at the same
time. It gives their fans a sense of comradary and
pride. There’s nothing like a football game to unite people.
Most of them know the rules inside and out and can make
the calls quicker than the announcer. This leaves me
asking, if so many people can understand this game, why
don’t they know God’s rule book of plays in their own lives?

If more people would put that amount of time and effort that
it takes to memorize all the players’ statistics, why then can’t
they learn the statistics that God has given us for our own
good? It’s very clear that when we learn the proper plays in
life as we go up against the opposing team, we will be more
than just conquerors, we will be victorious! Everyone loves
to have a victory in their life but do little about it.

As the game started out, the Sea Hawks won the kick off
and got their first 3 points. I’m not saying that the Sea
Hawks are the enemy, they aren’t, but in God’s world, we all
have a very real enemy called Satan. He opposses us at
every play. Once he gets his foot in the door, or his first 3
points, it’s almost impossible from keeping him from
coming all the way in…unless you know what your game
plan will be to keep that from happening. Fortuneatly for the
Steelers, they did know what to do.

The thing about the Steelers is, not one player acted any
better than anyone else. In fact, they all pulled their weight
and then some. They pulled together. When pride enters
into our lives, the enemy will use that to beat us down. So
through team effort, the Steelers came back with a 7 point
touchdown and the game just proceeded from there to the
Steelers advantage. The Sea Hawks could not over take
them after that. But they tried valiantly, just as Satan will do
to us. He will use stronger strategies and hit harder.

In our Christian lives, we need to know without a doubt how
we are going to oppose our enemy from taking the game
over. Remember; just keep focused!

First of all, as we are new to this walk this is where we need
to get all the practice we can get, we are still rookies. It’s
these rookies that Satan is waiting to recruit back to his
team. If you don’t stay strong in your game, you will be
traded back to him before you know what happened. As any
football player knows, his skills and knowledge comes from
a lot of time and effort put into it, until they know it inside out.
It’s no different for Christians who want to be at the top of
their game either. Since God’s Word can be overwhelming
at first, we need to gather together with other Christians
regularly to learn and to grow. That is why God gives us our
coaches. They spur us on, they make us understand the
plays to our advantage. The end result is to realize that all
of our training is to honor God. The Steelers wanted to make
their city of Pittsburgh proud of them also.

If you are serious about being a team player for ufabet เว็บออนไลน์อันดับ1God, you
have to recognize the authority of Christ as your leader. You
have to learn to humble yourself and serve Him by serving
others. You can no longer be in the center spot light. But just
as Big Ben gets most of the attention, he could not have
done that one important play without the help of Heinz Ward.
We need Christ to partner with us also in order to make our
winning touchdowns! We can’t do this game without the
help of our Christian team players. God gives us pastors,
preachers, teachers to talk with us and give us the rules to