Draft Beer Towers: Important Equipment For Home Bars

Presentation is important, be it of your own personality at the boardroom meeting, on the streets, during an interview, catching that first date, or serving drinks to your guests at home. Your home bar needs quality draft beer towers to make you popular in your social circle for serving the best drinks.

Avoid rushing to a store to get this equipment. Choosing the right one matters. It must complement your serving needs and room décor. Towers come drafting services in a range of cooling configurations and styles. You also must decide how many faucets you need for the beer tower, plus the kegerator kits that complement your home bar system.

You can get towers with accessories, but before that you must be aware of the basic elements of the system, so that you can manage your personal bar proficiently.

Cooling systems

The air cooled system uses cold air to sustain your beer’s temperature at the desired level, right from the keg to the faucet of the tower. Commercial bars generally use this system. You must place the tower near a source that gushes out cold air.

Air cooled draft beer towers feature a special foam insulation wrapper in the interior. It helps to keep the insides of the tower cold. You get handles for easy operation and leveled performance. You can mount this tower on any countertop securely and operate it without hassles.

The glycol cooled tower uses glycol for temperature maintenance. The model features its own coolant lines for good flow of cold glycol to the beer lines.

Finish types

You can get towers in polished stainless steel, chrome plate, or brass finish. Choose what suits you best. You can customize towers to complement your home décor and tastes. You can get interesting tap handles and lots of cooling options. It is advisable to get a regulator to control temperature and pressure at your bar.

A little effort put in knowing draft towers can help you set up a great bar at home. There are some reputable suppliers online, which can help you set up a bar as per your requirements. A lot depends on home bar supplies – their quality and their design. They can make or break the ambience of the room where you put the bar.

Things to Remember

A draft beer tower should be functional and attractive, so make sure you choose the best suppliers in town. With the internet at your service, this shouldn’t be a problem. You not only get towers, but also other equipment like beer dispensers, jockey boxes, aluminum tanks, bar tending tools, wine mats, trays, and others.

When starting a bar at home, a bit of planning can give you excellence in bartending. It is not just important to know your own needs, but you must know your guests’ needs too. This holds particularly true, if you throw frequent parties at home.