Felix Jones

One of the most recognized and controversial name in the field of American football is Felix Jones. He has been one of the pioneers in defensive and offensive tactics which have made rosters seek him as one of the most potential stars in NFL history.

Born on 8 May 1987, Felix Jones took up studying at Tulsa, Oklahoma where he later went on to pursue high school at Booker T Washington HS. He completed his collegiate years at the Arkansas Razorbacks where he began to pursue his NFL career. He currently plays as the running back for one of the most influential names in American sports history – the Dallas Cowboys.

He was drafted in 2008 by the Texas team to be a substitute เครดิตฟรีufabet running back in his initial years. However, with practice, sweat and an undying willpower to succeed, Felix Jones has developed a name for himself which today is greatly admired by the NFL football fraternity. For years his long term rivals have been the Philadelphia Eagles where he has continued to outperform himself in a way that no other sport superstar can. He has led the Dallas Cowboys to a 15 run winning streak which have made them the first team in football history to do so. This season, he has decided to go all out as it can be a decisive factor for the Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl for the sixth time. He seems to desire a repeat performance of the 2006 season where he scored 10 touchdowns including 100 yard kickoff return.