Get Custom T-Shirts Printed!

Whether it is a bespoke design, image, logo, or slogan for your workplace, school, University, sport’s club, special event, or just a unique gift for someone special, professional online garment printers make this easier for you than ever before. Online garment printing companies provide a straightforward method for creating high quality printed clothing for you as easy as a few clicks away and from the comfort of your own home or office.

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If you are considering custom printed t-shirts or personalised clothing, a simple Internet search will provide you with a vast selection of websites and companies offering similar services. The competition is saturated, sure, but if you are after quality and speed of service, as well as a friendly and customer oriented staff that understands your needs, then you will encounter difficulty finding the right company unless you know where to go.


It is important that you understand your own needs before you seek a personalised clothing company. Decide first whether you will require one-off printing or a larger run order. For larger run orders, a business-to-business (B2B) oriented company will be better suited to satisfy your needs. If you are only after a one-off, you are not looking to resell the garment, and quality is not very important to you, a more business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce website or t-shirt printing company might be what you are looking for. B2B companies are accustomed to working with retail companies, fashion designers, corporations and other blue chip businesses to provide high quality, professionally printed garments. B2B personalised clothing companies will also be more competitive in their pricing as they can offer economies of scale on the more units in your order, even for promotional clothing.


Regarding printing techniques, commercial garment printers have a variety of methods at their disposal for personalised clothing and apparel decoration. Screen Printing is the most widely used technique because of the high quality and durability provided by the prints as well as the economies of scale that are achievable on larger run orders. However, for short-run orders, of say 25 garments or less, Screen Printing can be uneconomical as there are set-up charges involved in the production of screens (approximately £20 each). A screen must be created for each and every colour in a design, thus for complex and multicoloured designs Screen Printing is not always the best option.


Another popular printing technique, as well as the most modern and advanced, is Direct to Garment (DTG) digital printing. DTG works very much like an inkjet printer that you would have at your home or office but instead of feeding and printing directly onto stationary, DTG printers print directly onto garments. Breakthroughs in technology have brought DTG forward leaps and bounds in recent years, allowing printers to print onto both dark and light garments as well as virtually any type of material. The quality of DTG is excellent assuming the DTG printer used is state-of-the-art. DTG is excellent for printing shorter-run orders and especially multicoloured and very detailed designs. The printing finish, or hand, is minimal and soft, which means it is seamless to the touch. This differs with Screen Printing that uses plastisol inks that sit on top of the garment and have a hard hand, which are not as comfortable or do they breathe as well as DTG printed garments. Durability is not that of Screen Printing but the difference is negligible and the print will usually outlast the garment anyways.


If you are after even smaller quantities and more affordable prices then there also exist transfer and CAD CUT vinyl printing. CAD CUT printing is usually used for single colour prints, like black onto white or white onto black, for example. It both printing techniques, designs are first printed onto transfer paper or vinyl and then applied to the desired garment using a heat press. This works great for names and numbers like with football kits but can also be used to do full colour prints. Transfer printing quality depends greatly on the transfer materials used but premium products can provide superb results. More details about MyTShirtKings