How to Discover Unheard of Movies

The Hollywood marketing machine does a very efficient job of attracting movie goers to its films.

By utilizing million dollar budgets, and by casting well known actors, Hollywood drives millions of people to its movies.

Movies such as Star Wars, X-Men, Harry Potter, Gi Joe, instantly are able to attract legions of movie fans because of the marketing prowess utilized by the movie studios.

While these movies are highly entertaining, there are many more movies that are also have a high entertainment value, but suffer in obscurity.

These movies quickly become forgotten in the studio’s movie archives because they are not marketed by the studios.

Perhaps it’s a movie that starred a well known actress before she became famous, or a movie with an excellent plot but starring unknown actors.

There many other movies that simply streameast never gained publicity because of bad timing. A release date that takes place in the middle of a recession, or at a time that it’s overshadowed by a major event, runs the risk of going unnoticed by movie fans.

Think of a movie that was released around 9/11, who could think of movies at a time like that?

And what about the countless movies released by independent film studios?

No matter how good the movie is, it will face a very steep uphill battle to gain publicity. Not only will it not be able to compete with the marketing budgets of the major movie studios, but it will not have actors that can attract attention to itself.

But there are many movies that you have never heard of that are excellent.

You can locate them by searching through the Internet Movie Database at

Another resource for finding unknown movies is YouTube, where you can search for movies by genre, actor, or assorted key words.

Once you do locate a movie that you want to watch, you can purchase it through Amazon, or through a private seller on eBay.

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