How to get more spotify followers in 2019

For musicians who depend on spotify to be heard, it is getting really hard for them. At the beginning spotify used to promote new artist itself. But with number of artists growing within spotify platform, it is really hard for them as well to push new artists equally. Now they depend on an artificial intelligence system that curate and sort out new artists depending on the acceptability by the mass people. But is it easy for new artists to be heard and loved by mass people on its own? Undoubtedly the answer will always be a negative one.

Spotify market has already been one of the toughest platform for new musicians to get noticed. As they have been well accepted by the mass people the number of monthly users and the number of new musicians have been sky rocketed. So it’s getting harder for new musicians to increase their spotify followers or get more streams from their fresh releases. Getting more and more music streams is one of the main targets for musicians on spotify. And in recent times it is one of the toughest things to achieve. Without decent amount of follower base it is even harder for musicians to get more streams. So what could be possible solution in such kind of situation?

Well, one of the methods that musicians are following is hiring music marketing agency like to get more promotion spotify. From our first hand research we have witnessed their in ground promotion method which include forum promotion, blog promotion, banner ads, music press release, artist interview publication. They even run facebook ads &google ads to generate traffic that will be directed toward your spotify tracks or spotify profile.

Musicians have been profited from such spotify promotion services around globe over the time. So it’s safe to give it a try.