Ideas for a 2011 Movie Theater

If anyone has seen the new Tron Legacy Movie in 3D IMAX, you know, the future of movie theaters is right around the corner. With 12,000 watts of sound, an amazing 110′ picture and pristine pixels, the movie going experience is surely changing. But one thing I have noticed is how the movie theater lighting has not changed at all since I was a kid. Sure the lights dim a bit better than before, but there is still a certain element that can be worked on, and I think I have just the answer.

Movie theaters are generally owned tutflix by large movie houses that are based all around the country. They have deep pockets, but maybe not the necessary know-how to change their current system. Movie Theaters for 2011 should have new lighting systems that correspond with the stunning effects of their theater. To do this, two different lights come to mind.

The first lighting system is LED Lights. We have all heard of LED Lights, but why could they make the movie going experience better? LED Lights have a certain quality about them, which makes them perfect for a theater room. LED’s can be nearly any color imaginable, but they can also change colors as well. New age LED Lights have a red, green and blue LED light inside each bulb, which allows them to change to nearly any color imaginable by combining the lights in various degrees of brightness. Consider the effect the movie theater would have if each lighting fixture was changed out with a color changing LED Lighting fixture, and you would have a movie theater even James Cameron would be proud of. At the start of each movie, you could have a color that corresponds with the theme of the theater, but when the movie ends, and the up lights come on, you can turn the entire theater the cool teal color of the TRON world.

The second lighting system is EL Wire. EL Wire is a new lighting technology which is simply a copper wire with a powder coating over it that lights up. It comes in 10 beautiful colors and is pretty much made for movie theaters. EL Wire can line the stage, the walls, or even the walkways up the steps and isles. This can allow movie goers a safer passage, along with a fun lighting that will keep them coming back for more. EL Wire is waterproof, and can be stepped on, which makes it an ideal environment for movie theaters.

As we are moving into a digital age, these two lighting sources can help reface the way movie theaters look, and expand their markets.