Play Online Games For Free – Choices and Options

There is an incredible amount of choices and options for anyone who wants to play online for free. From mindless sidescrollers to immersive console experiences, both non-gamers and lifelong gamers can find something to love.

Casual online games

The internet is full of free, simple, and time-wasting games. From classic solitaire and brick-breaking games to Mario clones and small-scale shooters, there are free online games for all tastes. Most are designed to fill a few minutes of inactivity with mindless fun. Some, like the Bejeweled clones and Asteroids, are so addictive that you may find yourself playing them for more than a few moments here and there.

A simple Google search for “play online games for free” will bring up more pages than you could ever need.

Hardcore online games

While the vast majority of free online games are fast and simple, a handful have the depth of a console game. Perhaps the best example is the Internet phenomenon Runescape, a fantasy RPG along the same lines as World of Warcraft. While the free games cannot compete with the graphics and features of the subscription games, Runescape and similar games offer a surprisingly deep gaming experience. Players can sink into its complex leveling system and dozens of missions for months.

Social networking website games

Both MySpace and Facebook, the leading social networking sites on the web, allow you to play online games for free. These games are generally less complex than their console counterparts. Most can be played indefinitely; instead of progressing from level to level, players face daily challenges. The popular FarmVille Facebook application, for example, instructs players to take care of their farm and constantly generates new events to keep players interested.

Most of these social networking games allow players to post updates on their progress in their “feed,” an excellent feature for encouraging friendly competition.

PlayStation 3 and Wii games

While you will have to pay for the game disc itself, online play for Wii and PlayStation 3 is completely free. The Xbox 360, on the other hand, charges a fee for accessing its Xbox Live online service.

The two consoles are radically different in how they approach online gaming. The Wii Online Catalog remains consistent with the console’s mission to make the game accessible to non-gamers. Most Wii online games tend to compete in a casual and friendly manner rather than hardcore match-ups. The PlayStation 3 is the console of choice for hardcore audiences who want to play online for free.

The non-existent price to play Wii and PlayStation 3 online has some drawbacks. Very often players will find their games full of problems or delays. PS3 and Wii networks lack the ease of use and connectivity features of Xbox Live and are much more susceptible to manipulation by cheaters and scammers. Sony and Nintendo are much slower than Microsoft in updating and improving their online infrastructure. However, there is no cheaper console alternative for anyone who wants to play online for free.