Safe Online Games For Kids

Online games for children and teenagers have long been considered a “danger zone” with many holes and vulnerabilities where your child’s information could become fresh for the taking, but a lot has changed in the virtual world of children’s games and it’s time to take note of the great opportunities that exist online today.

With the addition of the US Federal Commerce Commission’s Online Privacy Protection Act “COPPA” and the Privo Privacy Assurance program, online games for children have made great strides towards online safety for children. Online games for kids are safer than ever and offer unique tools to help educate, interact and grow in both the virtual and real world we live in.

Two popular games today offer great educational experiences as well as being ranked among the safest online games for children today. Those games are Dizzywood and Elf Island. Both are relatively new to the world of online gaming, but have recently been experiencing an increasing number of users and popularity.

Dizzywood is an online adventure where you can play free games, meet new friends, enjoy unique missions and discover new and exciting locations within Dizzywood. You have the option to collect coins, which you can use to buy new clothes, upgrade features, or just collect and share. Dizzywood is for ages 8-12 and allows your child to express their creativity by creating their own adventures, collaborating with other players and having fun while learning.

Elf Island is fast becoming a leader in the “Gaming For Good” category, where kids can weave real-world nonprofit projects into their virtual world of Elf Island. They do this by entertaining play, social interaction and storytelling that allows children to bring play for good to the real world. For example, planting trees on Elven Island causes living trees to be planted on earth. Building a house on Elf Island means that real houses are built in the real world. Children are inspired by results and want to keep doing Good Quest. These good missions are updated every few weeks and introduce new and exciting challenges that will continue to help our real-life environment.UFABET 999