Sitcom Characters Who Seek A Driver’s License

Seven days from school in late Walk had turned into a ritual of spring for both secondary school and undergrads. There have even been understudies as youthful as fourth graders who have journeyed to Florida however, luckily for society, it was an imaginary group of four.

“Bart Out and about” is the title of an episode of The Simpsons wherein companions Milhouse, Martin and Nelson join Bart on an escape to the Daylight State.

They get to the extent that Knoxville, Tennessee before things turn out badly.

The most intriguing piece of the plot is the means by which Bart gets a vehicle along with a driver’s permit. Due to “Take Your Youngster To Work” he goes through the day with aunties Selma and Patty at the Springfield Branch of Engine Vehicles. Bart figures out how to make his own phony I.D., rents a vehicle, and persuades his buddies to travel South for Spring Break.

Of all the television characters who have attempted to accomplish a driving grant, Bart positively had the most straightforward time. The following are nine other sitcom episodes where normal characters go through the technique to get a permit.


The title character (played by Sally Field) needs a permit to make blossom conveyances so she can bring in sufficient cash to purchase her dad another typewriter.

Auntie Honey bee in The Andy Griffith Show

The female top of the Taylor family turned into the most führerschein kaufen seasoned character to look for a permit, unnerving the town of Mayberry all the while.

Booger in Mayberry R.F.D

Homer Pyle’s cousin (played by George Lindsay) was a repairman who previously had a permit, yet he was shared with give driving illustrations to teens until he maneuvered into the Vital’s new vehicle.

Gomez Addams in The Addams Family

The top of the scary and odd family looks for a copy of his number one photograph, just to figure out that the person who took it currently works for the BMV. Gomez (played by John Astin) steps through the driver’s exam just to get the photograph that would be put on the card.

Greg and Marcia in The Brady Pack

The step-kin, after a contention about which orientation delivered better drivers, hold a mobility challenge.

Al Bundy in Wedded With Kids