Sun Worship and Ramadan

The antiquated Islamic religion of Babylon is the root for all religions, independent of their advanced attributes. At the point when frameworks have direct relations, for example, the relatives from a similar parentage do, then, at that point, the similitudes are noticeable. This is the situation when one follows back the importance of names given to such period as Ramadan. The name separates into ‘Ra-mama d-an’, and that signifies ‘strong mother, took care of by the sun’.

The Mother God of Babylon is the sun, that was stylised into a lady. In that place it was called ‘Mama r-I’ or ‘Mama ry’ which signifies ‘moms strong eye’. It can likewise be composed as ‘marai’ or ‘maria’.

‘Rama’ is the main divine force of a few religions, including the Vedic of India where Krishna is the third individual of the Trinity. This is how it was embraced into Christianity where Christ replaces Krishna.

During the long stretch of Ramadan one is probably taken care of by the sun. That implies taking no food or drink during sunlight hours. It is one of the five mainstays of the Muslim religion.

The subsequent support point is that all Muslims should make a journey to Mecca at rent once during their lifetime. This is the place where the Kaaba sits and travelers circle it multiple times. The number 7 alongside the number 5 represent the Mother God of Babylon and, in this manner, Islam. It is the underscarf last option number that is utilized in many religions to show their god..

Petitions are additionally offered five times each day. The most noticeable Islamic image is the 5-point star while in the Kaaba the famous pictures of the sun and moon include conspicuously. This is kept mystery by the specialists who forestall openness of such yet one doesn’t need to look far to see the equals.

The main divine force of the Catholic Church is Mary and nuns are given that title at their ‘union with’ the congregation. Nuns additionally wear hijabs and ensembles taking after those of Muslim ladies.

Catholics additionally ask 5 times each day and hold a quick called loaned once per year which goes before the celebration of Easter, got from ‘eye-star’. Men passed on crosses at this tim in Babylon to ‘wed Mary’ and the ministers have intercourse with nuns who are named all things considered.

Mystery and secret encompass the beginning of all religions yet one can infiltrate that divider to reveal the responses. Vowels were shaky in old discourse and could be supplanted one with the other. ‘Sun’ is, hence, equivalent to ‘sin’, ‘child’, ‘san’, and ‘sen’. A man who kicked the bucket on the cross (the last option represented by T) was ‘sen-t’ to the Mother God.

‘San-t’ is the beginning of ‘holy person’ and ‘syn-o-gogue’ interprets as ‘sun-circle of god’. As composing created terms changed so separating them from the first ideas. In the old texts, nonetheless, enough proof remaining parts to demonstrate that Ramadan and any remaining strict celebrations and practices are connected with sun love.