What I Would Do If I Were Rich

There are many tips out there indicating how to get fast rich, or how is the easiest or hardest way to get rich. Have you think if you become rich right now?

The headline above is on a conditional situation as you can see. To get rich means escape from a paycheck to a paycheck?

There are many tips out there indicating how to get fast rich, or how the easiest or hardest way to get rich is.

According to Wikipedia, a get rich quick scheme is a program to acquire high rates or returns for a small investment. All participants of those schemes have heard that they could earn high rates or return with a little risk.

As a member of those schemes I can say it is true and it is not true. It is not complicated to understand. Anything you invest can bring you money without some work. And almost all the time it is hard work.

Who would not like to get rich? If you go to ask many people what means to get rich maybe you will hear many answers. To get rich can signify security, a good heath security, a good house, an extraordinary car, to travel around the world and so many other things.

Do you have a deep Why to get rich? It means a reason that metaphorically you could die doing that.

At my case I have had two strong reasons: first, beyond the little income, I have been unsatisfied with my traditional job. And the only way I could explain that it has been not so creative for me. I do like to do artistic and creative things.

The second reason: I have dreamt with a beach house with a big library, a fast computer accessing on Internet and time to write stories. My children are growing fast and some years from now it is possible that I will have some grandsons. It will be very pleasant to receive them in my beach house and to share with them histories and poems that I have been writing.

If you ask me if I really believe it will happen to me, I can say you yes. Why not to believe on it? What am I losing in believing that my dreams are going to become reality? It is absolutely nothing.

Of course that if without a concern with money I would know many others countries, other places. I would go to buy my dreamed house, my own mustang and Harley Davison Motorcycle. Image the amount of books that I would buy and how many ices cream I would take.

But most important it is to determine to redirect my soul and my mind for a new style of life. It is what I am learning on the moving game of Internet marketing.

If you consider getting rich someday you need to get in the game of a boost opportunity. Do not be thinking you are not prepared. You will never be.

You must run now in a search of the accomplishment of your dreams. Who effectively knows when you are going to get rich? I think it is you. Just do it!

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