3 Important Acne Scar Removal Factors

Acne hurts and causes embarrassment of the highest order when it ambushes the young pretty face of a teenager or sometimes even an adult. But just when you think the pesky pimples are clearing out, ugly scars begin to rear their ugly heads and you can tell that this is the beginning of a nightmare. Normally, scar tissue is for life. But what if you knew of a way to restore healthy tissue over the ugly thinned scar tissue? Would you take the chance on a revolutionary new technology and treatment formula that might work? Absolutely? Well, let’s first look at 3 important factors to consider before you consider yourself a good candidate for acne scar removalsingapore therapy.

#1 Your Skin Type

First, there are about three types of scars you might be dealing with including box scars, ice-pick scars and rolling scars. Yes, not all acne scarring is created equally. The extent of your damage depends on genetic background and to some extend, your skin type including skin color. Darker skins tend to be less affected or at least show less of it while Caucasian patients have it rough. For instance, darker skins have a natural response to be darker where affected as they produce more pigment as an inflammatory response, which brings us to our first important factor to consider when looking for acne scar removal treatments.

#2 The Types Of Scars You Want Removed.

With the three types or rather levels of scarring at the back of your mind, there are three types of acne that you might be dealing with according to how they cause scars. These are atrophic, hypertrophic and boxcar scars. The type of scar and acne is perhaps the most important consideration before deciding on an effective treatment. Your physician will be able to tell by close examination of your face and skin without any need for tests and scans.

#3 Why You Might Be Failing At Acne Scar Treatment

Our third factor hinges on the truth that by the time scars appear, your acne is escalated and you have not been able to avert attacks. By exploring the root cause of your condition, you and your doctor will gain deeper understanding of how to tackle the problem once and for all. The worst-case scenario would be as such; after spending tons of money on acne scar removal, your acne flares up again causing even more severe scars.

Conclusion on acne scar removal

As much as it did not make it to our top 3 important acne scar removal factors, the clinic you choose to attend is probably the most influential factor. It will determine the quality of care and the amount of money you are going to spend and also the durability of results. We recommend visiting 8 Medical aesthetic clinic but you should carefully research on the clinic of your choice. A good aesthetic doctor we can trust shouldn’t be that hard to find online but they may or not be the cheapest ones around.